Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Country Life

Inspired by our move out into the country, I am beginning a fresh, new blog.

We are so happy to be further out from the city and very excited to make life a little more simple. There is a lot of lawn and garden to take care of now, but we are enjoying being out in the peace and quiet of country living.

Our garden had several things planted in it when we moved in. We have a handful of herbs; thyme, rosemary, sage and parsley. I still need to add basil to the herb garden. The veggies in the garden so far are three pepper plants. I am not sure what variety yet, but our family loves peppers, so we are looking forward to them. I am going to be getting a tomato plant or two and some cucumber, zucchini, bean, pea and pumpkin seeds this weekend. It will be nice to have some of our favorite foods fresh for the picking.

The week we moved in, we were happy to discover wild blackberry bushes. The kids spent so much time out picking. My son, Logan, listened to a book on his MP3 player and picked for 3 hours. They harvested enough for me to make my first batch of jam (which had too much pectin). I would have made more (corrected) batches, but the rest of the berries dried out before we made it out to pick them.

My daughter, Isabel, has thoroughly enjoyed the freedom of getting on her bike all hours of the day and riding until she can't ride anymore. The neighborhood we previously lived in was not conducive to bike riding, so she is really taking advantage of the privilege.

Evenings have been so wonderful. My husband and I have been outside weeding the garden and the kids running through the sprinklers. Needless to say, bedtime is a lot easier with tired out children!


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