Thursday, August 19, 2010

E-Book: Travel the World -June 2010

The Old Schoolhouse Planner - June 2010 Module - $7.95
My first review for The Homeschool Crew was an e-book from The Old Schoolhouse Planner - June 2010 Module titled, "Travel the World!".

This e-book is a great study on Geography. The first portion of the book is geared toward Elementary and Middle Schoolers and the end portion toward High Schoolers. It has study guides, lapbook pages, coloring pages, lots of activity pages, copywork and tons more.

Isabel (10) learned more from the well put together study guide on geography than she did using a geography workbook in the past. It was fantastic for her. There were tons of great links throughout the text to further clarify a point or to give an example. Next she moved on to 'travel' all 7 continents, again full of wonderful links. All of the content is very visually pleasing and doesn't appear to be an overwhelming amount of information. That said, a lot is actually covered. The links led to map games, articles and videos that kept her engrossed and just plain having fun. In this section she happily spent the most amount of her time. We will be revisiting these links frequently in the future.

Logan (12) had already covered the content in the study guide portion in a High School geography textbook and knew that section’s information, so we skipped to the High School expansion. He did, however, spend some time on the map games in the main section. In the High School expansion, he chose a few of the projects to work on. In one of them, he made a newspaper type project about the Czech Republic. He had so much fun putting it together, he didn’t think of it as school work! Another activity was researching how you would use geography in a home business. This actually inspired him to do a “Home Business” project this upcoming school year.

This colorful, 56 page e-book is priced at $7.95. If it only had the links and nothing else, it would be well worth that price. Add the engaging text and pictures and this is a great buy!

*Disclaimer* I have received this product free of charge for the purpose of this review.

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