Wednesday, October 6, 2010

LanSchool Technology

LanSchool Home is a computer program we are reviewing for the Homeschool Crew. The program gives you the ability to view, monitor, limit, or block your children's computers, all from your main computer. The program is designed to run on Windows and Mac computers. You can use it on one main teacher computer monitor and up to 3 student computers. The cost is $99 for a perpetual licence.

There are a lot of features that would make this technology helpful to homeschoolers. You have the ability to see a thumbnail of all your students' computer screens at once.  This program is extremely interactive.  Not only can you view what your child is currently doing on the computer, you can 'chat' with them.  This is useful if they need a reminder to stay on task, or simply have a question for you.  The best part of this is your ability to utilize this tool to communicate with all of the remote computers making it simple to teach a lesson to your students.  You can do this all from different rooms, making this a virtual classroom.  Also, you can allow a student to share something with the rest of the computers. Another neat feature is you can create and send tests with up to 100 questions to each of the student computers and receive them back already graded. You can send and receive files from one or all of the student computers.

 This program could be a very helpful tool if you have a very distractible child. You are able to view all he/she does on the computer at all times from your main computer. You can limit or block programs and/or websites from specific computers. You can also view all internet browsing history because the students are not able to delete their browsing history.

There is a list of product features from LanSchool's site.  The LanSchool website has easy to use video tutorials so you can learn to use each feature.
This product would be great for families that use multiple computers for their school work. With the 'virtual classroom', it would minimize the amount of time mom spends going from one computer to the next making sure everyone's questions are answered and everyone was on task, especially if they are spread out around the house. As we do the majority of our school from books or hands on activities, we aren't really able to utilize this program in our homeschool.

*Disclaimer* I received this product free for the purpose of this review.


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