Monday, September 6, 2010

Spiders and Lizards and Tree Frogs, Oh My!

My adventurous children love, love, love to look for bugs, lizards, and frogs.  They are happy to be outside 'creepy crawly' watching for hours on end.  Here are some pictures of some of their observations.

At their Grandma's house in Washington State they found :

Western Skink

Here are some of their finds in Texas:

Gecko (A bit out of focus)
We have a tons of these all around outside and sometimes inside! 

Green Tree Frog
This one has been named 'Leaf' by Isabel.  Leaf is on our dining room window most days, then off to play at night. 

Here is a really small one that we see out on the back porch, occasionally.


Green Lynx Spider (gross!)
Ok, I DO NOT like spiders, at all!!  But, I had to take a photo of this unique (to me) spider. 

Green Anole
We have many Green Anoles around our home.  Many of them we see regularly, so they all have names.  This is one of the babies.


1 comment:

  1. Visiting from the crew.

    We live in the country too. I've learn to not mind most critters including snakes, as long as they keep their distance, but spiders, especially those as big as the one you photographed...yuck! We saw a tiny baby lizard the other day. I bet he wasn't an inch and a half long. Sooooo cute!!!

    Loved the photos.

    God's blessings


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