Friday, September 24, 2010

Schleich Animal Figurines

Another Crew review!  This one was greatly anticipated by my kids.  I let them know, as soon as I found out, that we would be reviewing Schleich animal figurines.  They own a few pieces from Schleich's World of Knights collection and were excited to see what we were going to get.

When our friendly Fed-Ex guy arrived with the box, the kids stood waiting like it was Christmas! The two of them sat down on the living room floor and stayed there for a few hours.  In the box with the animals, there was a collectors brochure.  The brochure was just about as fun for them as the animals themselves.

The first order of business was to go through the brochure and properly identify each and every animal.  They included: Dartmoor Pony, Asian elephant calf, Przewalski's horse, Gnu, Gnu calf, Swabian-Hall piglet, eating, Okapi, and a Donkey.  Isabel, an avid horse lover, was so happy to have the pony, horse and even donkey to add to her ever growing horse population.  Logan was excited to find the Mongolian war horse, Przewalski's horse, among the bunch.

All of Schleich's figurines are beautifully made with great attention to detail.  They are wonderful just to look at.  After watching Isabel engaged in hours of imaginative play, I was sold.  She has created a farm, complete with a horse jumping arena.  Next, she had some sort of African safari going on (at least I am assuming that is what Barbie's car was doing among the animals).  The Asian animals didn't get a lot of time in their natural habitat, so it was decided it would be more fun to have all the animals together in a zoo.

Schleich's website has a Playground that has printable painting templates, wallpapers for your desktop, and interactive games that are fun to play around with.   

The Schleich figures vary in price starting at about $4 and up.  You can buy them in select stores and many online retailers.  There is a store locator on the website.

Isabel would love every single horse and accessory in the brochure and Logan thinks it would be cool to add to his World of Knights collection (for display on his shelf, of course).

*Disclaimer* I received these products free of charge for the purpose of reviewing them.  All opinions within this review are my own.


  1. I love your pictures! These really were fun, and will make great gifts, too.

  2. Loved your review. We were sad we did not get to review this one and looked forward to reading the reviews on it.


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