Friday, December 17, 2010

Tiny Planets

Tiny Planets is an educational website designed for children ages 4-12.  Isabel has spent the past few weeks reviewing this for the Homeschool Crew.  

Once your child has chosen a cadet name (from  computer generated options) they can go to Tiny Planets home, which is the central location to get to all of the Tiny Planets' regions.

  • My Tiny Planets - Here the kids can create their own planet, choosing it's atmosphere, surface and terrain.  They can also grow plants in their biodome.  You can also play mini-games, recycle, collect rainwater and help keep other planets clean. 
  •  Tiny Planets Labs -This sub site is where kids can go to test out future games for Tiny Planets.
  • Tiny Planets Books - This is a collection of story adventures of Tiny Planet's Characters Bing and Bob.  It would be a fun place to read to little ones or let beginning readers go through themselves.
  • Tiny Planets Fun - This region is packed with educational games and puzzles.
  • Tiny Planets Learning - Here you will find lesson plans to help little ones learn their letters and numbers. 
  • Tiny Planets Blog - Here are updates to the Tiny Planets' sites plus great articles for parents and cadets alike.

 This is a free website, but some of the games, books and activities require keys, although not a lot of them.  Keys can be purchased for $1.95 for 10 keys.

Isabel enjoyed this, but said she would recommend it more for children a little bit younger than her (11 years). 

 *Disclaimer* I received this free of charge from the vendor in exchange for my review.



  1. Thank you Isabelle & Mom for taking the time to review the site. Please let Isabelle know that her opinion counts -- we've lowered the age range of the site to preschoolers - 8 years old, just like she suggested.

    Never doubt the power of the written word!


  2. Hi. Just wanted to thank you again for reviewing the site. I wanted to let you know that on April 4th the new and improved site was launched. I'd love to hear any thoughts you might have, especially since some of the changes were made because of the Crew's suggestions. You can check us out at You can reach me at



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