Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Latin Alive

We have been reviewing Latin Alive Book One bundle by Classic Academic Press for several weeks now.  Latin Alive is a Latin language program designed to be used by Middle and High school students.  The Latin Alive Book One Bundle, priced at $139.95, includes Latin Alive One, Latin Alive One Teacher Edition and Latin Alive One DVD/CD.
The Latin Alive program has been very easy to use and learn from with no prior study of Latin.  Logan (13) is the one using the program and was only familiar with Latin roots from his Language Arts program, to aid in his English vocabulary.  This program has been very user friendly for me, the parent, as well.  

You can buy the book itself for $24.95, but I definitely recommend the use of the DVD.  The DVD is basically a Latin class taught by one of the program's creators, Karen Moore.  She goes through the chapters, exercises and answers with the viewers.  It is great to hear how the pronunciations are suppose to sound and hear explanations and comparisons to English grammar.

Several things about this program really held Logan's interest.  One is learning about the Latin on United States and State seals and why some of the symbols are included in them.  Another thing is the Chapter Reading and Culture Corner, which include stories and facts about Roman Culture.  He has always enjoyed Roman culture, history and mythology, so it makes it relevant to his interests.

For the parent, there are a lot of helpful teaching tools.  There are online games that kids can play, to reinforce their new vocabulary.  There are tons of pdfs, charts, correction sheets and an mp3 on the Free Resources page.  One of the greatest tools available, is a yahoo group you can join and ask any questions you have, that can be answered by other parents or the program creator, Karen Moore.

Other products that are available from Classical Academic Press are Latin For Children and Song School Latin  both have also been reviewed by The Homeschool Crew.

*Disclaimer* This product has been given to me free of charge for the purpose of my review.

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